Robert Walters named as WMB Ambassador for Gender Diversity

louise campbell robert walters' md for ireland in white shirt against white background

Robert Walters is delighted to have been awarded a mark of distinction for gender diversity in the workplace from Women Mean Business (WMB).

We are committed to furthering the careers of women through delivering specialist professional recruitment services as part of our Empowering Women in the Workplace programme.

Louise Campbell, Managing Director for Robert Walters in Ireland, commented, “Throughout my 21 year career in recruitment I have always been focused on furthering the careers of women. By actively supporting and promoting females in business at Robert Walters and to businesses we recruit for, we have been able further the careers of thousands of women in Ireland."

"Our recently launched ‘Empowering Women in the Workplace’ programme is further evidence of our commitment to delivering insight to employers and businesses on how they can best create strategies and policies to ensure gender diversity in the workplace.”

Through this programme we are committed to creating conversation, connecting female professionals and providing information and advice to help women achieve career success.

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