Empowering women - Videos

Career experts across several industries share their thoughts and advice on the challenges businesses face and how to overcomes these through effective career planning, strategies to encourage in gender diverse workforces and ways to increase opportunities for women. 

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Creating diverse and equal workforces

Rhonda Martin (Board member of City Women’s Network) explains how the accounting and finance sector has developed a positive diverse workforce

Talent programmes to empower women at work

Kieron O’Reilly (Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion) discusses the top benefits of having talent programmes to increase gender diversity

Empowering women through culture change

Career expert, Erica Sonsa explains what first step businesses can take to empower women through culture change

Encouraging collaboration in gender diverse workforces

Kieron O’Reilly from the Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion discusses the ways businesses can encourage collaboration in diverse workforces

Engaging male counterparts to encourage collaboration

Sunaina Sinha, Managing Partner at Cebile Capital discusses what businesses can do to acknowledge gender diversity disparities

Biggest barrier for women achieving senior positions at work

Rhonda Martin (Board member of City Women’s Network) discusses the biggest barrier for women achieving senior positions at work

Neutral vs gender diverse work initiatives

Sunaina Sinha addresses whether businesses are lacking awareness in recognising whether workplace initiatives are truly equal for all members of staff

Using allies and role models in diverse workplaces

Kieron O’Reilly (enei) talks about why allies and role models are fundamental to creating a collaborative workforce

Biggest challenge in changing an organisation's culture

Robert Walters speaks to career expert, Erica Sosna to find out what the biggest challenge companies face when changing an organisation’s culture