Nuestros consultores especializados escucharán tu historia y te conectarán con organizaciones líderes en Mexico. Queremos escribir contigo un nuevo capítulo en tu carrera profesional.

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Insights: Tendencias de Talento

Tanto si quieres escribir un nuevo capítulo en tu carrera como si buscas cambiar la historia de tu organización, te interesa repasar las últimas tendencias de talento.

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Para nosotros, reclutamiento es más que un trabajo. Detrás de cada vacante hay una oportunidad para impactar una vida y una organización.

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Management wins and sins

Being promoted to a management position is an exciting achievement, but for even the most confident professionals, it can be a delicate balancing act — supporting without stifling, delivering while delegating — it can be a daunting prospect, with many managers facing the challenge with little experience to guide them. In our Management Wins and Sins webinar, we’ll address some of the key questions that managers have, like:

  • How do I know I’m hiring the right person?
  • How can I make the transition to managing people who used to be my colleagues?
  • How do I create a team culture that gets the best out of each member?


Join Indy Lachhar, Group Talent Development Director for the Robert Walters Group, as she discusses the troubles and triumphs of management with an exciting line-up of experienced people leaders. Together, our panel will discuss some of the best and worst examples of management they’ve experienced over the years, from building the right team and culture to developing a leadership team that motivates and inspires.

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Deborah Barleggs

Director Chumley Limited (UK)

Registered Psychologist



Ee Ke Chew

Organisation Development Specialist

DBS Bank


Emyr James




Indy Lachhar

Group Talent Development Director

Robert Walters Group


Umang Panchal

Global Account Manager & Head of RPO EMEA



Rajan Krishnakumar

Vice President Talent Management


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